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Social Media Matters - Don't Stop While You Are Ahead of the Game

If you have a business, you need to be on social media - it really is that simple. A business without a social media presence is like a driver cruising down the street at night with no headlights. It’s dangerous!

There’s no question that social media is a key factor to success in business these days. But how do you pay for it? How do you find the time to manage your accounts? In order to see positive results social media is best managed by a marketing company that is experienced and takes the proper time to invest in your company.  Leave your employees working in your company while we work on yours.


Social media has dramatically changed the digital marketing landscape. What has become clear over the past decade however is that brands need to invest their time and resources not just in their monitoring and management (participation within) the channel, but also in analysis and enterprise social media marketers are spending huge amounts to measure their performance. Your social media company will be able to help manage, watch and monitor your accounts. Thus, turning those LIKES into MONEY!


A recent study published by Markets and Markets, for example, predicts how the size of the social media analytics market space is expected to increase from $2.23 billion in 2016 to $9.54 billion within the next five years. 


Many brands still don't invest enough in these offerings to make much of a difference.  Brands need to invest time, money and energy into their social media. Be consistent, be on it, and be aware. Just because you are up on your social media game and your brand is hot on the market does not mean it is a time to quit.  This is a time to keep going as the benefits roll in so will your dollars and online brand recognition.  


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Tammy Miller Design
Tammy Miller Design

Study: Black Friday mobile shopping to jump 45% from 2015


  • Americans are expected to spend nearly 45 million hours on Android shopping apps alone during the week of Black Friday, a 45% jump from 2015, according to research by App Annie. The researcher also predicts revenue generated through apps could break records this season, saying that shoppers will spend over 6 million hours in the top 5 digital-first apps on Black Friday alone.
  • Digital-first apps — companies that only exist online — such as Amazon and Etsy will account for 15% of the total time spent on shopping apps during the week of Black Friday, a 40% increase from last year.
  • This year's massive shopping day may also drive mobile e-commerce outside the U.S., similar to traffic increases seen on Amazon's 24-hour Prime Day of discounts, App Annie said. Last year, Black Friday was the first $1 billion mobile shopping day in the U.S., per Adobe.


App Annie’s prediction of strong growth for mobile shopping next week follows a forecast earlier this month from Adobe Analytics that said this year will mark the first time mobile e-commerce overtakes desktop shopping. App Annie, which measures time spent on apps, said the growth in app usage means more dollars spent as users browse products, sort wish lists, unlock deals, access loyalty programs and hit the virtual checkout counter.

Black Friday is an important time for retailers to prioritize their user acquisition strategy with new downloads or by re-engaging existing customers, App Annie said. Retailers like Walmart and Macy's have updated their apps to improve their chances of being discovered in mobile app stores. Walmart's changes have helped to push the world's biggest retail chain into the top 10 search results for keyword "Black Friday," per App Annie. In addition, Black Friday promotions can help engagement through the entire holiday season, making it a critical period for mobile marketers.

Strong sales growth for Amazon Prime Day and Alibaba’s record-breaking Singles Day is likely a harbinger of what to expect on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. App Annie said mobile is a prime channel for driving growth in overseas markets like Europe and Japan. AliExpress, the mobile shopping site and app from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, was the most downloaded shopping app in the U.K., France and Germany on Singles Day, Alibaba's November 11 annual shopping bonanza, App Annie said.

Tammy Miller Design
Tammy Miller Design


I talk about Branding A LOT!   Some people talking about lighting, some talk investments. I talk about BRANDING....   So much so that I think my boys could tell you about it (or at least they have my presentation memorized, they have heard me practice it so much)   I heard this last night at the dinner table "MOM, I know Kleenex is a brand. It is really Facial Tissue" 

As I sit and meet with potential clients, clients, seminars and answer questions at networking.  I try to explain to them that branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.

I tell them: Ralph Lauren or Target did have a big budget when they started, but they stuck with their brand, spent money to grow the brand, and people started to recognize and BELIEVE in the BRAND

But what exactly does "branding" mean?   
Your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors'. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

We help our clients grow the brand, believe in their brand, and in today's market we help with your online brand strategy too.   If you believe in your brand so will others. 

As I ranted about all of this to my family last night during diner.  The boys pulled out:  "Jimmy Johns - Its Freaky Fast Delivery"  and  "JUST DO IT"   And if you know my son Jacob his hockey team called him "Jake from State Farm" (since State Farm sponsored our team)

I guess branding does work!
At the end of our dinner conversation the boys were happy to leave the table. HA HAAA

Wondering if any of you have these kind of work conversation and insights with your family at dinner?  And did my husband get a word in last night when I went off about branding? What your favorite dinner conversation?

Tammy Miller Design
Tammy Miller Design

Digital Marketing is HOT! Lets Fuel the Fire!

Digital Marketing and Online Brand Presence has been the topic I have given presentations on over the last 6 months. It is a big investment and with the right help it can be fun too! We have had a lot of our customers move to this direction while incorporating their current website, blog and email system they currently have with us. Thus, saving money on their previous investment and ramping up the money towards Online Investments. Keeping it with one company helps maintain the brand within the website, website blog, email marketing brand, staying constant with keyword searches, adding consistent social media messages! The more traffic your website and social media have, the higher google will rank you in the searches.

Driving Traffic and Driving Money. 

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