Does  your small business have a brand identity?
Something that is more than a logo?
Can you speak to what that is and how it play into your business strategy?

Your company’s brand package is all encompassing. It’s the personality, visual elements and feel of your brand all wrapped up into into a cohesive plan and strategy. A strong business brand leads to familiarity, credibility, trust and popularity. Without one, you’re working without direction; without purpose.

How we can help YOU drive traffic and increase REVENUE
  • brand promise
  • logo design
  • identity packages
  • brand standards development
  • signage design & production
  • corporate campaigns
  • integrated external campaigns
  • product naming
  • project management

Looking for a creative partner?
We also partner with other marketing agencies and creative firms. If you are looking for a creative, strategic team to support additional client needs, give us a call at: 612.250.3510 or fill out our contact form.

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