The E-Valuator Funds and Software


The E-Valuator Funds and E-Valuator Software CLIENT: The E-Valuator Funds and M Design PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Complete Communications Brand Campaign.  3 Company Entities: E-valuator Funds, E-Valuator Software, SIIMPL, Fringe Benefits – Fringe Asset Management.   In progress client.  PROJECT INCLUDED: Branding company guidelines and education Logo [...]

Central Bank


Central Bank: MN, WI, FL CLIENT: Central Bank Corporate and Branches PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Complete Communications Brand Campaign, Advertising, Collateral and Website Development. Teaching the company all aspects of branding from the platform to mission statements and company and employee branding, In progress client. PROJECT INCLUDED: Branding [...]



MN PGA CLIENT: Minnesota Professional Golf Association (MN PGA) PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Graphic design, creative services, and print management for MN PGA PROJECT INCLUDED: Graphic Design/Art Direction Print production and management “Your work is amazing! Working with you has been great! Your [...]

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